Share your hardware code.

Let people edit, compile and upload your hardware code right in the browser. Create yours now.

What is a Surfboard?

A widget for your project that inspires your community

We don't just make another IDE. Surfboard lets you share your hardware code as a URL or HTML embed. Let others quickly run your code on their hardware with zero overhead.

Easy Setup

Just fill up a form. Get your project from development to distribution in seconds.

Rich Support

Surfboard supports more than 4,200 libraries and 170 hardware for diverse applications.

Simple Distribution

Your project is immediately compilable and uploadable through a link or web embed.

Highly versatile

Let your community ride the wave, all tricks included

Once your Surfboard is ready, copy and paste your custom URL to your favourite social platforms, or embed it in your website. Surfboard is lightweight, giving your community a complete prototyping environment in seconds.

Surfboard showcase